Martin Hajek is a designer famous for his ahead of time designs, that were spot on ahead of device launches. He got it right with the iPad Mini and the BlackBerry Z10, to name just a few of his works. Now he’s picturing the way the iPad Mini 2 would look like in gold.


As you know, last week Apple debuted its new iPhone, with one of the colors for the new device being gold. They could apply the same treatment to future iPads or iPods, who knows? In the meantime we get Martin’s piece of work here, with a gold iPad Mini that looks like a very sleek product and even incorporates a fingerprint scanner hidden in the Home button mechanism.


You can see there’s a metal ring around the Home button, just like on the new iPhone. As usual, this is a mere concept and not a reflection of Apple’s plans, although if this comes through nobody will be surprised. The new A7 CPU would also be “golden” on this tablet…