We’ve heard that the Queen of England loves gadgets, but now it turns out that she’s not only a Wii user, but also an iPad owner. Queen Elizabeth II ordered her staff to buy an iPad as soon as she saw her grandsons using the gadget. An insider is saying that the monarch had never seen anything like the iPad before, so she was impressed.

What she liked the most was the user-friendly interface, large screen and how light the device was. Don’t be puzzled if we find out that the 85 year old queen will be playing Angry Birds in the following days. Meanwhile, princes Harry and William think that it’s really cool to have a granny who wants an iPad and other up to date gadgets.

Queen Elizabeth II is already an Apple fan and owner two iPods (that we know of), so another 650 quid for a new iPad won’t be a problem. President Barack Obama gave the monarch the second iPod when he visited London in 2009 and the device stored images of the Queen’s trip to Virginia. What’s next? An iPhone 4 maybe?