Germany should be called AppleLand, considering the number of decisions they’ve taken in favor of the fruit and against Samsung. This is the country that originated the European ban of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the same country where the ban still stands and also applies to the freshly announced Galaxy Tab 7.7. And it gets worse…

Now it seems that the local authorities have decided to ban forever the Galaxy Tab and all its versions from Germany. The reason? Samsung is ripping off the design of the Apple iPad, a dispute that’s been going on and on in court and outside it. Most people expected Samsung to win the legal battle, especially with Apple using doctored pictures, but it seems that the fruit won, since the court considered the products are too similar.

Samsung declares that it’s disappointed with the decision and also sees this as a limitation of consumer choices and rights in Germany. An appeal for this ruling is set to come from Samsung’s side in  the following weeks. And now HTC is starting a beef with Apple. Will Germany ban HTC devices as well?

  • Deian Stancu

    Apple are bastards like in the movie “Antitrust” where the head of the company used every means, including crime, to obtain what it wanted, a good movie that showed us the real world we live into. Likewise, Apple is using corrupted courts and influences them with lot of money to obtain ban, even if they have no real proof, and haven’t invented the rectangle or frame. Why aren’t Apple sue HP for TouchPad, that is 99% similar, or Motorola, or Asus????? Something is fishy here….
    I must appologize to German people, but their leaders are like straw, bending where the wind blows, I would expect this from a country like Germany, but remember, Germany is not the leader of EU, so the rest of Europe can sell Galaxy Tab or phones, they are splendid devices, I saw pictures and videos of 7.7, and must say it’s a winner from start. Go Samsung!

  • Alireza

    Yes, Apple is losing the competition and attempting to get market back by suing this and that…Why not do a fair play and compete with Android?
    They don’t even care their users’ wish ( flash player is yet not available in IOS ).