How about a revolutionary concept today, instead of the usual rumors and speculations? Prashant Chandra proposes a beautiful Fujitsu laptop concept, that also incorporates a tablet, phone and camera. Dubbed the Lifebook and seen as a concept from 2013, this original unit is what they call a modular device.

You can detach its camera and use it as a digital camera, detach the tablet and use it as such or attach it and use it as the laptop’s keyboard or touch drawing area. There’s also a phone that you can insert into a special area and I guess that this device incorporates the CPU and storage space used by the laptop. The Fujitsu laptop may be bulky, but it’s still an interesting and original design you might want to keep an eye on.

I particularly like the idea of having both a tablet and a laptop in a single gadget and connected through a 16 pin docking area. Data is available right away and the device is sensed immediately, also adding some new features to the laptop. I imagine that some virtual game controls will also add to the experience, once they’re displayed on the slate’s screen. Would you buy a Fujitsu modular laptop like this one?