How about a revolutionary concept today, instead of the usual rumors and speculations? Prashant Chandra proposes a beautiful Fujitsu laptop concept, that also incorporates a tablet, phone and camera. Dubbed the Lifebook and seen as a concept from 2013, this original unit is what they call a modular device.

You can detach its camera and use it as a digital camera, detach the tablet and use it as such or attach it and use it as the laptop’s keyboard or touch drawing area. There’s also a phone that you can insert into a special area and I guess that this device incorporates the CPU and storage space used by the laptop. The Fujitsu laptop may be bulky, but it’s still an interesting and original design you might want to keep an eye on.

I particularly like the idea of having both a tablet and a laptop in a single gadget and connected through a 16 pin docking area. Data is available right away and the device is sensed immediately, also adding some new features to the laptop. I imagine that some virtual game controls will also add to the experience, once they’re displayed on the slate’s screen. Would you buy a Fujitsu modular laptop like this one?

  • Khurram

    what an idea Sir jee.

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  • Guest1

    i want it 

  • Kashikoineko

    I am trying to throw money at the screen 🙂 If they could incorporate it into a 3 kg laptop, it would be a usable concept.
    I’m not sure about the tablet keyboard, I would probably take the other way, and make the screen a tablet (that means a smaller netbook size for the whole thing, and probably no music player and camera, but hey the tablet is enough for that) and maybe some touchscreens to the sides and top of the keyboard, so its reprogrammable games/designig etc. I’m unconfortable with a keyboard that I do not feel as I type 🙂

  • Adybest

    I suppose the price will be more than tablet+phone+camera+fujitsu laptop. However, nice design. Skip the phone though, it has no value if every time you’re called you’ll have to shut down your laptop.

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  • Lukaspolansky


  • Mudderzgame

    @0bb4d7a399225843fc3aeab41dc2e69a:disqus  i completely agree with you 😛 tablet as the screen but keep the camera and the ipod type device for the touch pad  

  • Uuui


  • 9gagger

    i tried to insert my creditcard into the cd spot but the computer didn´t come but they should hurry up so that apple doesn´t steal it and call it Iforever alone.

  • This is just so sexy, I love it.

    Just add a smal physical key-board for when playing games, and it’s perfect. we wouldn’t be using that one most of the time, but you need the physical feedback.

    But yikes, I just love it.

  • HEHE


  • why would you not just take the phone out, such as if it were connected with an USB?

  • kalico

    you would probably be able to use the phone and camera separately with the laptop still running, just not share data

  • *Drool*

    Is it me, or is the “webcam”a 3d camera?

  • Nacho


  • Ramos Miguel

    Not sure…. BUT ITS SEEMS AWSOME!!! The furute will be great.

    YES 9GAG Brought me here!!


  • rainbowvomit

    now i really hope the world doesn’t end in 2012

  • bilder

    They are trolling we will die in december anyway 🙂

  • anon

    SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    from funnyjunk

  • I truly hope Apple steals and improves it ^^!

  • 9gag fans! 😀

  • Roflthopers

    This seems like a cool concept, but is prolly a bad idea from a design standpoint.. What happens if you are using your tablet without the computer and the screen cracks? You don’t have a non external keyboard.
    Would this require having the phone, along with a data plan? What provider currently would be okay with that, unless you are okay with a limited amount of data.. 
    Like I said before, this idea seems sweet, but it is something I wouldn’t want to buy the first generation of, as it would surely come with some kinks that would need to be worked out.



  • Roflthopers

    Also doing any typing of real merit, like you would for school, would be awful with a digital keyboard..

  • Bakamoto

    Give it to us nao! If Apple sees this, you are done…

  • SexyOldMan

    9gag brought me here.

  • O-r-u-s

    If the phone is inside to laptop, you propably would answer with you laptop, 

  • Mohammad Habbas

    9 GAG


    Could you detach the tablet and use it as wireless keyboard/mouse ?


  • Gag

    i really hope to improve my sexual abilities with your mama.

  • applesucks

    They have never improved anything before, merely stolen, re-branded and sold again for more money.

  • Dea

    So perfect.

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  • Niggerlover

    Snälla, dö. Äckliga horunge.

  • anon

    True 9gaggers throw their own shit!

  • Kymmyp

    what they should do is make the touchpad flippable. on the back is a physical keyboard.  so when you put the touchpad in the laptop, you flip it first and then you can use a proper touchable keyboard with the laptop

  • Trolldad


  • IgorNik.

    moron 😀

  • Anonymous

    Holy crap someone who knows the truth ^_^ They are as bad as Thomas Edison. Neither Apple nor good old Tommy really invented, they merely re-purposed or found a way to repackage something into a “new” marketable package. At best they are great marketers.

  • CristinaM

    That’s an idea, but I guess hanging around with a tablet with a screen on one side and a physical keyboard on the other is not nice… you would be always grabbing the tablet by the keyboard side and press the keys all the time, I don’t know if it would be good for them.

  • mr. aasom

    Apple is evil, they’ll ruin it.

  • 9gaggers

    Bitch please. I want a physical keyboard

  • Gaj

    WTF!! they might have done that.. but so did freaking steve jobs… the only thing is they didn’t steal iphones, ipads or ipods…. so even though they stole, they improved it well enough that they made it their own idea..steve jobs just literally stole… 

  • hlt0712

    The idea is really cool. But if I have to dock all the tablet, phone and camera into the laptop in order to use it, i’d rather not. Besides, if you lose one of these, the laptop would be useless.  Yeah and I think a physical keyboard is still more reliable.

  • Magrsorongon

    How much is it?

  • Michael A. Garcia 1109

    They should team up with Alienware to make a special edition one. You would still have the touchscreen part but also it could be replaced with a regular key board.

  • KervinX

    Would’nt it be even better if the phone was used as a device for the mousepad (the same way that the tablet is used as keyboard)? Anyway, that’s an awesome concept!

  • Spense09

    The iphone is their only original. MP3 players and Tablets came years before Apple’s ipod and ipad. Apple is just better with appealing to the people than most companies. Apple has commercials, billboards, printed ads and more. Also, by “improving” you guys probably mean, MAKE IT SHINY. People like shiny things.

  • lalalala

    i want one NOW

  • RIP stevejobs

    Apple was the first company with built in folders in early computers, which you may know everybody else has it. Suck on that!

  • lulzyantiapples

    LOL, I love the delicious butthurt when the name “Apple” pops out!

    I’m willing to stick my hands on fire on bettin’ that none of the people attacking it have ever owned a “i” device that isn’t an iPod if much. They won’t for prejudice and nor because they’re willing to give up the cash for it.

    Get over it. 

  • Beetle

    indeed! Apple has brought us many innovations over the years. I would like to see all of you do something like what Steve Jobs has done. Just because you don’t like apple products doesn’t mean you have to criticise them on what they do. If you think they are shit, go out and do something better.
    (p.s. i love 9gag)

  • I need to buyyy 😀

  • Sugkuk

    svenskar e äckliga

  • Sugkuk

    hellre en lifebook i handen än en bajsrand i trosan!

  • God of Thunder

    1) I am a Mac user – so is my wife.
    2) I don’t drool over Apple and never have.
    3) I have followed Apple history from inception.

    The last time apple did something truly innovative, they made the Apple ][. (the Apple 1 was not innovative, it was merely a starting point, aping what many others were doing, eg. the Altair.)

    Everything Apple ever did was to remarket already existing and proven ideas.

    What Jobs had was the skill to market. He was, first and foremost, a marketeer – a preacher. He sold the newfang gadgets like they were the New Testament™.

    Now, move on. There is _nothing_ to see at Apple base, unless you like other peoples ideas collected into one place in a semi-smart way.

  • Vicky Vnes

    real development of technology….hope its comes fast

  • Rlernis

    Haa Ha you said my mama 😉

  • roy

    what about the price for this sexy product, Am eagerly waiting for this thing…)))

  • Lera Molefe

    why 2013?
    i want this now!!!today

  • Yeah, i guess that there is implemented software that allows you to do everything you would do with your phone.

  • They could put a lid for over the keyboard side when your not using it.



  • Megusta


  • Basher347

    it’s funny because you can build a Macbook Pro fro aroun $900 when it costs what? 1.2-1.6 GRAND?

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  • onamorck

    i give u my soul…

  • Ptncphillips

    they would probably make it able to replace with another, the way you can order parts for something. so you’d call the company or go to their website and order another tablet, and then since all your info is already synced with the laptop it’ll be a piece of pie to just dock it in and get everything back the way it was.

  • ASIANs!!

    we should make a 9gag apps

  • Wgforce8

    u could suck an apple through a keyhole, dick neck

  • Peter Piper

    You know if it wasn’t for Steve Jobs, Toy Story and many other Pixar films worth mentioning would probably not exist?

  • I’d love to see this become a real thing!!

  • Roger

    tyst neger

  • janne68

    apple is shit !!! i like bmw better

  • Koolaid

    battery life of 10 or 15 min?? but I still want one.

  • Boojbo

    Fujitsu already has laptops with a tablet for a screen.

  • cipnr korvo

    You can put a slice of cheese between to slices of bread and insert it under the tablet keyboard, and it toasts it into a croque-monsieur for you

  • cipnr korvo

    truly, ok it’s better than a normal laptop, but I would prefer having a small tablet-y device (with USB ports and all other PC functionality of course. not an Ipad!) that connects to everything at home when I get home. it would be less bulky. I mean, how many screens do you have on there?
    “one device for all” is obviously the future, but not in this way I think

  • cipnr korvo

    go ahead and say it: to apple people, apple is a RELIGION. they just buy blindly. good or bad product, innovative or not, they see the little apple logo and shiny case, and they buy. they barely look at the price before bringing it to the cashier goddamnit!

    what’ll happen now that their messiah is dead? will apple live long?

  • Geremy Sorlini

    =.= what’s with everyone crying about Apple stealing it? This just uses ideas apple had already with iCloud, but hey, the idea’s good so why not? At least it’s not a complete ripoff like Android and Samsung tablet/phones are (seriously). They used ideas from Apple’s products, yes, but the idea of making a Tablet, Phone, laptop and camera in one is quite unique.

    I doubt apple would want to copy that though, because I know how Apple thinks: they have the habit to say no to alot of things, if they judge it’s not needed. They rather focus on the essential rather than waste time on something that not everyone would need (which is why Apple still hasn’t incorporated Blu-Rays to their machines, because they find it pointless)

    Anyway, I find this concept great, but I think there’s ONE MORE THING they should do: along with the ability to insert the phone into the computer, they should make a program for it similar to the keyboard on the tablet: make it have mouse buttons so you can use the Phone as a mouse!

    Even though I’d prefer using Mac OS X, I wouldn’t mind switching to windows to be able to use this (BUT IF YOU MAKE ME USE VISTA HEADS ARE GONNA ROLL!)

  • Mitch Bridge

    jag har varit med och tillverkat den här. och jo en kommer koma ut i butiker under 2012. anonym pga. blir av med jobbet annars 😉

  • ‘Bagus sangat…!!!

  • Duckling

    Shut up and giveaway to me

  • corny

    I want it now TT.TT

  • Guest

    That is it. I must survive 2012. *pokes screen with a credit card* I wanna preorder. Nao!

  • Kenaldo

    Love it apart from the keyboard.
    I like the comment “low chances of injury as the keyboard is not mechanical”……we will see when people lose feeling in there fingers from hitting a solid surface continually. Already heard of a few cases……take note big dept. stores with touch screen tills…you will be getting sued in 5 years time……

  • Nick Decillo

    what are the specs of this LIFEBOOK gadget? can anyone share the specs?? thanks 🙂

  • Bas

    yeah that would mess up the whole concept. in that case you might as well just buy a samsung with a reversable screen… or an other type of fujitsu. i think this is a good concept, if you want a laptop with the specifications you mentioned, youd be better off with something else

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  • Kashif Vikaas

    Too weird but I would buy it

  • Ahsanuzzaman

    Spab….too good

  • Knewmer

    WHAT!! I would sell my great grandma to buy this!!

  • joe

    picasso said “Good artists copy, great artists steal” and it became jobs’ philosophy. 

  • Pi


  • Guest

    I suppose you can attach one by USB?

  • Guest

    How much will this beauty cost?
    Any estimates?

  • Pretty awesome! Look really expensive.

  • ValePmoreRock

    How much it costs?!

  • Iglhl


  • CoreReviewzzz

    What about the battery? With a concept that’s so well designed that it’s too good to be true, it would be hard to find a long-lasting battery; most modern day smartphones don’t even go 6 hours without needing a quick power charge. :/

    If this is really released though, I would happily buy it with no regrets ^.^ Just the battery; it would have to be long lasting since thise laptop fuse would have so many bells and whistles~

  • Jabaa6

    Take my money! 

  • new guy

    At least the whole package should have 3 batteries to make phone&camera&tablet work individually, and probably one more for the laptop itself. Once you charge them all, they could probably complement each other up to some level.

    Using the phone as the mouse pad sounds like a nice additional idea, although I would like to be able to use the laptop even without the phone attached. For that they could also make an optional gadget, as well as a physical keyboard, to be used in the docking area.

    All in all, a very interesting concept. Maybe my next purchase once my goood old IBM ThinkPad finally stops working.

  • Jon12

    You fucking retards, the best advertisement is a good product and Apple made products far more simple and easy to use. Hence their success 

  • Anonymous

     Fanboy much? You are actually the reason they have done so well, blind, ignorant, arrogant, and self important folk, such as yourself, unwilling to do research. I don’t dislike you or hate you for your preferences, but I dislike your poor use of the English vernacular, and insulting words.

  • Anonymous

    Your name makes me giggle, but your post makes me do my “Not Bad” rage face. I am glad someone knows what Steve Jobs was and is respectful. He wasn’t an inventor, and much like people are unaware of, neither was Thomas Edison. Both were brilliant men in their own rights, as they could spot technology and find a way to repackage it and market it. I personally a fan of the bleeding edge of technology, not the marketeer. I prefer Nikolai Tesla to Thomas Edison.

  • god bless your soul for remembering Tesla, had he a few more years or the
    wannabees of the time supported him, wireless electricity would be flowing in our homes.

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  • Guest



  • Brainiac117


  • anon

    “they focus on the essentials”??? I hardly think it’s essential to have an iPod (touch), iPad, and iPhone. They are all the same thing. The only differences are that the iPhone makes phone calls, and the iPad is larger. Blu-Ray is the future of watching movies at home; just go to any store carrying movies, and you can tell DVDs are being phased out. If Apple truly focuses on the essentials, they will incorporate Blu-Ray, and stop trying to convince everybody to buy every single one of their products, when they are all the same thing. I have owned 3 iPods over the years and continue to use iTunes, but it pisses me off when people follow Apple like a religion.

  • Diddlemysimilarities


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  • Tomscool



  • Obama


  • Neonmagician

    You will sell this device now…  Where do I send the money?

  • Larissa

    Too Late.

  • bob

    SHUTTUP AND TAKE MY- dang….everything good has been done now…

  • occupyallthestreets

    Retard… They stole the software. Not the product. Grow up and learn your place in this world as the little tool that spends way to much for simple electronics.

  • guest

    with steve jobs dead thats unlikely that they’ll improve it

  • anon

    “Uses what apple has from iCloud and not a complete ripoff like android” 

    I’m sorry android was around before if not at the same time of the iPhone launch, ver 1.6.  Also iCloud, google has been promoting cloud storage before Apple jumped on that bandwagon, as well as ripoffs “like” android.  Last I checked apple does more ripoffs or just as many as android.  Voice controls, android has had that since at least ver 2.1, Slide down notifications android already had, among numerous other items in the software which mind you Apple copied from them.  As far as Apple following the essentials, like stated, the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch are all redundant as hell, it’s the same thing in a different form factor with the iPhone the only one that can make calls.  

    Apple is far from the revolutionary company people seem to bow down to them as being.  I will agree they made the smart phone popular to the masses, and have a beautiful, albeit stupid, design in the iPhone 4 form factor but truth be told they have hardly made and significant strides in their hardware, in comparison to android, and their Os is so dumbed down and limited it lacks in a lot of areas.  Granted android has its issues with fragmentation and some OS areas lacking but their updates have gotten significantly smoother, and more adept to change via user preference when compared to apple’s which seem stagnant.  Needless to say, Apple is an over-hyped over-zealous company that just so happens to make a phone that appeals to the masses, including idiots and hipsters alike, and those same people feel the need to shove the fact they have an iPhone down everyone’s throat and validate their purchase as if they’re so insecure with themselves that the must back apple to the ends of the earth or they could possible regret buying a locked down phone that will look like every other person’s who has an iPhone or iPod or hell and iPad for that matter.  Who wants to be different right?  That’s so overrated.

    P.S.  Vista?? really?  They’re talking about rolling out windows 8 and windows 7 has been out for a damn long time. A “laptop” like this rolling out a year from now using a OS 2 series prior would be almost as dumb as using 3 different form factors to do the same thing and being dumb enough to buy all of them because they’re “different”…. oh Apple fans do that……

  • Galspam

    Shut up and take my Apple products

  • Well well well..

    I am pretty sure you do not need to dock the camera in order to use this.. And if you do lose any parts of this I am pretty sure the nice salesmen will let you buy a replacement if you ask them kindly. This device seems great, but the problem that I see with this is that most people who could afford this combination, already have all the items that you would get from purchasing this pack.

    So once you are in the store and the price of this is something like 900-2000€ you’ll start thinking: “I have a camera, its better than the one I would get here. I also have a good trusty smartphone that cost me a hefty sum, could this phone be any better? My laptop is only few years old and its more powerful than this one.. And the pad I have is very good as it is already.. should I just buy electronic scetch board with 50€…?”

    This pack needs to be really cheap, or all the individual items should be marketed separately as well. I am waiting with excitement what kind of a wave is created by this..

  •  Shut Up and–CCCCCC Combo Breaker.

  • Guestroll

    “All in all, a very interesting concept. Maybe my next purchase once my goood old IBM ThinkPad finally stops working”I have bad news for you.. The life expectancy on those things is.. Well.. You don’t have to worry about purchasing another computer anytime soon.. 🙁

    Or.. You could accidentially drive over it in a tank..? Though the shell of the machine is made of similar mixture as was the shell of Nokia 3310, so that might not work.. 

  • Asdf


  • diver302

    Meeeeme Baaaase

  • But you’ll never take my…oh fuck it, shut up and take my FREEDOOMM!!!

  • No, I think the reason they have done so well is because they have great products.  Whether they invented them or not is not something the consumer cares about.

  • Bollocks.  I love Apple but I’d never just buy for the logo.  For instance, the iPad is great but the ASUS Transformer has overtaken it.

  • So where all data are stored? in tablet or laptop?

  • You know that just because something’s popular, doesn’t by default make it good right?

  • SIlly_parts

    SHUT UP  and take my… FUS RO DAH!!!!!

  • The Time Lord

     Nikola Tesla****

  • I will send a blank cheque, write any number you want sir….. OMFG. Saving starts. oh wait World ends December 2012 dammit!!

  • Drastic

    For free!

  • Atozed71


  • bloopbloop


  • WUB


  • WUB


  • Anonymous

     Adrenalize24 I think you hit it right on the mark, that is such a valid point. For instance the popular Guy/Girl in school isn’t necessarily the best person, in fact they are often times the least good person. Its such a troubling trend. I believe in God/Jesus as the whole work of the Bible is presented, but unfortunately we have these zealots who don’t have a belief in the Bible, Comprehensively speaking, still claiming to be Christians, when in the Bible the harshest words were for the religious institution of the day. Something involving millstones around necks, look it up.                                                                                                                       TL;DR Your blindly accepted religion of popularity or perceived truth, does not make you right, or even the most worthwhile.

  • Anonymous

     Thank you for your correction Time Lord. I appreciate it.

  • Rwfavgref


  • willem

    now google the bento book, somebody isnt as creative as you thought

  • Honest Tea


  • Mrjman910

     c-c-c-c-combo breaker

  • mjoerke

    Id rather have a windows 8 tablet as the screen and and android phone as the touchpad and the camera in the tablet. i hate “touch” keyboards and would rather have a tangible one thats pretty much a dock for all the connected devices and a massive battery

  • Genraven

    shut up and take my family 

  • Mortimer Perriwinkle

    I like turtles.

  • Wob


  • Wobbbbbb

    9Gag and FunnyJunk both suck.

    Memebase at least has sourcing as to where they got stolen memes from, not to mention a rage comic builder that doesn’t require you to make it, save the picture, upload it to 9Gag and edit the watermark out.

  • Superdude879

    I love how people areew saying that Apple stole the iMac idea. You do realize, that Apple mad the first consumer-available computer, and Windows had come from apple. Not made, but Bill Gates used to work for apple.

  • Superdude879

    Lol android laptops suck BALLZ. They have an android laptop, run by an android phone. Cool idea, but if you like to use a laptop for more than browsing Internet, then NO.

  • Wow

    Ummm your comment would be valid if the Bento Book hadn’t been created for a FUJITSU DESIGN AWARD and already had FUJITSU BRANDING… really people… really…

  • xpL

    It would be better if they leave the physical keyboard alone, and let the attached tablet be the mouse pad.

  • :)

    shut up.

  • benraskull

    Shut up and OH GOD THE SPACE IS TINY!

  • Thatkitty

  • Stewie1991



  • gsimons

    auch there is not enough space

  • Roryb11

    I. WANT.

  • SHUT UP AND TAKE MY UNBORN CHILD, no but srs is this legit?

  • Does it even matter

    Your right

  • Stranger .

    yeah , because it would be harder to type 😡

  • Andro_zeus

     Uhh… Steve Jobs was the CEO and co-founder of Apple, you idiot. Apple copying something and Steve Jobs copying something is round about the same thing.

  • GGG

    just take all the money i own

  • Headphone Guy

    Apple just lost. I’m saving my money for this.

  • Mark Hinkle

    Here we go as my view on the idea. This is a truly great design that could use some tweaking, but for the most part it finally ties all the gadgets we use together into a single synchronized unit. It’s frustrating to pick up your laptop and then once it powers on to finally realize that what you need it actually on your tablet or vice versa. For the most part this seems like an original inspired idea, yet I have a few qualms with it

    First there are some things that really could be bettered about it that I’m surprised fujitsu didn’t think of. The idea of making the tablet into the screen makes far more sense than what they’ve got, and it would allow the use for a physical keyboard. However I and many people I know prefer larger laptop screens, and tablets really get uncomfortable after they exceed 12″. That why tablets were made-a cross between the size of a phone and laptop with the best features of both. If the tablet were made too big or the laptop too small then the seamless functionality of the design would be shot down. 

    That’s why there should be multiple models like normal computers except for one difference. There could be a netbook family of lifebooks consisting of a standard 11″ screen size that integrates the tablet into the screen, and for higher price you get more HD space and a faster computer. Then there would be a performance family with an increased screen size ranging from 13″-15″-17″ with price and performance increasing each step up. These lifebooks would have the tablet integrated as the keyboard for derping around at home and also have a seperate physical keyboard to plug into that slot for when you need to get sh!t done. I see this as a win-win but I’d like to hear other suggestions.

    As for the phone, the idea of it receding into a small closed off alcove of the computer doesn’t make to much in the sense department. Every other attachment serves a purpose in making the laptop work; the tablet serves as a keyboard, and the camera is a rear facing webcam. So why then does the phone get stashed away? Why not have the phone serve as a multi-touch trackpad instead of the usual touch pad. This coupled with the tablet could make for some seriously fun apps on the computer. And if notifications came through on the phone like texts or calls, then it would be easily identified and taken care of through the laptop, or keeping your work going and answering from the phone.

    There really seems to be no problems with the camera from what I see except for the fact that with suck a protruding lens from the otherwise sleek design it would be a hassle for laptop sleeves and the such. As for computer specifics like processors and likewise it can be mostly inferred. With new tablets and cell phones packing dual-core processors with quads ’round the corner the computer should at least have a combined total of 4 cores (2 in the tablet+ 2 in the phone) if more aren’t added in the shell. Also from the pictures the lifebook seems pretty bulked up so the better be sufficient RAM and Hard Drive space as well as battery life. This is all speculations though so the actual computer will probably be a little less than what I’m expecting.

    Also another issue I’m seeing is that the best idea’s come from the smallest companies. Therefore their OS’s are pretty under budgeted and there for not as refined as Mac or PC. Also the tablet and phone’s app stores will be unknown to developers and have almost no apps on them. That’s why I think that even though this is a good idea the best thing for it is to be *gasp* sold to a larger company with the budget and popularity to pull it off. Sorry fujitsu, just how it is.

  • Brainphreak

    just like to say screw religion 🙂 

    You are the reason religion sucks too, you are judgemental, you even judge a person based on the device they use 🙂 But I wont judge you, hopefully you grow out of that hehe

    its not better or worse, its just different… if you want a better or worse comparison, look at the specs, the numbers dont lie… if you are technically inclined you will see the pros and cons of iphone or ipad etc. over other devices.. same with mac versus pc… like everything in life there is definite pros and cons and the application is better for some and not others…

    People like an apple product because they like it, easy to use, or maybe found it first, maybe a long line of people, maybe popularity, maybe compatibility with other products, maybe compatibility with the work environment… hundreds or thousands of reasons down to  getting one for free!! hahahaha

    get off your ivory tower 🙂 

    no offense

  • Brainphreak

    you can build a macbook pro for around 900$? Do you have a store set up? I interested in buying one from you! 

    That my friend is how competition works! … or maybe you cant build one for 900$? probably a lot of overhead I imagine 🙂 and Im guessing you may even want to be paid for the effort… 🙂 However, if you can truly make one for 900$ Im interested!

  • Brainphreak

    Everyone is unoriginal… apple didnt invent electricity either.. yet all these companie sell us televisions and radios which basically just present to us electricity in a different way! how unoriginal… no electronic device has even been original! 🙂 

    People are ridiculous complaining about apple and lack of originality… maybe you dont understand the definition? look it up… if they were not different, they would not be selling separately than other devices.. they are different in many many ways.. for better or for worse 🙂  

    As if your PC your using right now was the original inventor and manufacturer of the first PC… haha You are using completely all unoriginal devices, so why pick on apple for doing the same? simple… something to bitch about, like old ladies in the barber shop 🙂

  • Kurousagishi

    Your interesting if not silly, and you seem to be very loud. Here is an interesting point. You are judgmental and you do judge.
    just like to say screw religion 🙂

    You are the reason religion sucks too, you are judgemental [sp use Firefox or something with a spell check function.], you even
    judge a person based on the device they use 🙂 But I wont judge you,
    hopefully you grow out of that hehe.” See right there that is funny. I said belief in something, you sad Religion, first off those aren’t the same thing. Secondly to judge something I believe to be a religion is a judgement. You saying screw religion, and then saying I am the reason they suck is a judgement and a poor one again because its not accurate. You called me judgmental, true or not that statement is a judgement as well. So saying you won’t judge me when you did it at least three times is funny. This was my statement against religious people with out a grounded faith, “Comprehensively speaking, still claiming to be Christians, when in the
    Bible the harshest words were for the religious institution of the day.
    Something involving millstones around necks, look it up.” In case you missed it the first time. Lastly you wear your bias on your sleeve and preach at me from one side. Without even paying attention to the point that my statement doesn’t ever say apple. It was a generalized statement for a large audience. in case you missed it here you go. “TL;DR Your blindly accepted religion of popularity or perceived truth, does not make you right, or even the most worthwhile.” I am having trouble seeing what your seeing is judgmental since its not a judgement but a simple if then statement. Hey if I am the reason they suck, I’m not sure I want to know what you could possibly represent. in conclusion. TL;DR It seems as though you are judgmental and possibly could use some help with reading comprehension, seems to be a lack of that nowadays. Oh and your preferences are your own I don’t care, just mentioning their are people out there who treat apple like a religion, one involving Koolaid.

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  • romary

    When fujitsu Released this one, i’ll gonna buy it quickly.!!

  • youdumbasscunts


    What are you gonna do, caps lock the fuck out of each other?

  • GGG


    Would all you stupid internet comment schmucks stop fighting. Just read about the damn nice piece of technological material that is coming out and stop telling each other who’s  OPINIONS are correct….what the fuck are you kiddies going to do anyway, caps lock the fuck out of each other? 

  • wow well done fujitsu for  the lifebook

  • Catalinpetre96

    waaa so litle spaceee xD

  • Peidoxa


  • Peidoxa


  • Yahoo

    this is possible, and many computing companies can do it already. well, we have the technology, its not like we don’t. but the questions is what OS does this Lifebook gonna run/use? cause we talking about putting other parts into something and combine it into a what? android table? tablet PCs. as it show the keyboard is came from a tablet already, so i guess this not gonna to be a just bigger tablet, but something else differently, like a windows or mac(mac is apple. so, its a no)?  apple will not do this, because they got ipad, and imac. and since they don’t even wanna give you a imac that can touchscreen functional. why would they want to do this. cause doing so, is like killing their own products. by the way, it’s just out, the asus padfone is like this one. phone, tablet, and phone into a tablet+keyboard. 

    i think all the computing and electronic companies needs to do right now is to think about the functionality of the products they make now. not just copying each other, actually is not quite considering a copy. i mean a idea is there. just like the car, every car companies can build a car, it just depend on who can build it better. well, no car companies go around and say ” you copy me, you shouldn’t build or make car”. cause then there is only 1 car company in the world. 
    so, idea, idea, idea, how can you turn a idea into a better products, and by better mean. better than the other companies, and a lot different than the other companies. 
    it’s like you have a mac and a itouch, if you can put your itouch into your mac and using it as the mouse or touchpad or trackpad, etc.

  • Epiflyingv

    fap fap fap fap fap fap fap

  • Hansen

    This is truely a brilliant concept. I seriously think this is the business tool we have been waiting for.

    Not quite like one of the other posts reads( SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!) but pretty much.
    as a former I.T. Person and now medium size  business owner with full hands on you already have my money in the bank Sirs / Mams.

    Just on thing, make sure the table and docking station has atleast 3 usb ports and onr hdmi.
    quite frankly, wireless connections with periferals a not all the they are made out to be just yet.

    So yes yes yes! lets get on man!



  • Ako


  • syed shah

    nice post, i also share it on my blog name newsboxblog.blogspot  

  • Masy_mimi_2

    shut up and fuck me entirely

  • hshsoj


  • Alexx Kesich


  • Awesomer


  • Bhrams

    Give me this NOW!!!

  • Cash_Onadele

    I would totally buy this integrated pc

  • PO


  • Emyra

    shut the fuck up brass lahnina 

  • John B


  • Demha Nisar

    SHUT  UP ITs cost which be from 2 lakhs -4 lakhs

  • Matt


  • Roar!


  • Trololo



  • ha

    Shut Up and buy An Asus Padphone!

  • Tom

    The tablet look small. I rather that they use the screen as a tablet, use a traditional keyboard and the mouse pad as a detachable camera/phone. This would make it slimmer and simple.

  • Claude

    I like the entire concept, its amazing. Now, if they can have it all operate for a reasonable amount of time on battery power(5-6+ hours) and seamlessly across all devices it will be show stopper.

    The touch screen keyboard? Not sure how well people would respond to the lack of segmented tactile feedback amongst the keys.

    It would be neat if they mounted a physical component that would release right above the touch screen and align with the keys to provide a physical keyboard for those who would rather have keys to press, versus touchscreen.

  • Eric M.

    This…Is…EPIC. Throw in wireless charging and you have a deal.

  • Eric M.

    We have now entered the Matrix…This device would have to be insanely intuitive. Our 1st mistake. How many movies about A.I. and Machines taking over the world and destroying humans do we have to see until we learn?

  • rabafastblackman


  • STFU and take my fucking money!

  • John Daniels

    not all that revolutionary if you look back to the 2011 bento book concept…

  • Faradiba


  • U mad bro?

    C-c-c-c combo breaker!

  • Anon

    This better fucking work for gaming, btw, memecenter brought me here

  • guddi

    nice job Mr. prashant….(Y)

  • Naruto


  • Dan The Man

    You Are Sooo Right!

  • ik


  • nubwaxer

    my friend bought a similar model about 10 years ago brand new. it’s battery life was 45 minutes. i tried my best to advise her against a brand that few people use.
    on the other hand my 10 year old ASUS netbook stll gets at least 4 hours on battery and i’ve worn the white lettering off the keyboard.