Fujitsu announced today a brand new Windows 8 tablet that stands out from the crowd thanks to its ability to work underwater. Also, it does so while integrating a fan, which is a big deal.


This is a 12.5 inch tablet, that’s only part of the fall lineup for Japan. It’s based on Intel’s  Core i5 420U 1.6 GHz CPU included and the model name is QH77/M. When it’s not submerged, the CPU requires active cooling using a fan, but when submerged the fan is stopped and resorts to water cooling again.

Apparently Fujitsu did some tests with the fan underwater and they said that it could work, but they didn’t seem 100% sure about it. You should also know that this tablet packs 4 GB of RAM, mobile broadband support and it’s dust and water resistant. The Arrows Tab QH77/M model will be available on November 28th for a yet unknown price.