It appears that Apple isn’t the only one looking to expand its definition of a tablet, by launching a more or less curved model and one sporting an OLED panel. Those were the predictions for 2018 from Ming Chi Kuo and now Samsung is working on a similar type of device, one that may sport a bendable screen.


The US Patent and Trademark Office granted Samsung this week a few design patents, one of them including a foldable tablet design. It could fold like a leather folder when traveling, but also it can be used in 3 positions. One is a wide slate, a mobile desktop feeling like the iPad Pro and finally it can be folded, becoming a notebook, like in the illustrations.


Samsung is said to have killed off its Note series, because of the battery problem and now the company needs to get back its innovative vibe. The foldable tablet could be Samsung’s next big bet, to help them make up for the Note 7 fiasco. There’s an air of elegance associated to this product and it seems viable, so expect to hear more about it at CES 2017 maybe, or MWC.