Mobile tablets have been receiving a more and more important role in several areas of expertise, ranging from the plane’s cockpit to the desk of teachers and the operating room. Now we learn that 3M has introduced something called the 3M Mobile True Definition Scanner, a tablet-based intraoral scanner.


This is a tablet-based solution, that fits in the user’s hand and is used for intraoral scanning. This is a device with a compact and ergonomic design, similar to the rechargeable slates that patients and clinicians use daily. It lets doctors move between operating rooms without requiring power cords or carts. Flexible mounting options help minimize workspace clutter.

The patient can view his/her oral anatomy and the changes that the operations and other procedures will exert. The setup is very easy and the users can unbox and scan in less than half an hour, thanks to the 3M Mobile True Definition Scanner. The product operates on battery and be easily carried around. The restorations from scans is accurate, with a 99.7% fit rate.

The product is detailed here.