Freescale’s got a couple of concept mobile devices to showcase, that will put to shame even the whole Microsoft Surface idea. We’re talking tablets and a very mobile and user-friendly environment, centered around social interaction, sensors and mobile computing performance. The 4 videos below are directed to 4 different demographics, ranging from business users to gaming kids, teenagers who use tablets for education and adults who rely on devices for medical purposes.

Sadly, there’s no prototype to showcase yet, although we have to say that we love those big screens, simplistic interface and intuitive gaming control, that involves a couple of sliding joysticks. 3D graphics are also supported on the Freescale tablet, as well as cloud computing, video/audio calls by pairing the device with a headset and much, much more.

The device is able to control household appliances, it connects to your TV, PC and media systems via Bluetooth/WiFi and even the in-car system pairs with it.

[via slashgear]