It’s very rare these days that we get to see a very thin e-book reader sporting 3G connectivity and a big display. This is the case of the Skiff Reader, ready for its CES 2010 showcasing, that’ll reveal its huge 11.5 inch display and very thin bezel. You might also want to know that the device is only 0.25 inches thick.

The above-mentioned screen supports a 1200 x 1600 pixel resolution and it’s basically an e-paper-like flexible sheet, made out of stainless steel foil. Expect the device to reach over 1,000 Sprint retail locations later in the year, with the price and availability being mysteries for now.

CES 2010 will probably see this great gadget detailed and you should know that Skiff will provide a one-click store, that’ll offer newspapers, digital magazines and books, through cooperation with other companies. If you’ve already fallen in love with the flexible and thin display, know that it’s a black and white screen, but the manufacturer of the product is already working on a color version.

[via crunchgear, NY Times]