Finnish site Taskumuro has come up with a very interesting piece, a full behind the scenes history of Nokia’s MeeGo. They came up with the story after talking to current and former employees of the company and even found out that a tablet called Senna was in the making, as well as a CDMA Nokia N9 for Verizon.

Stephen Elop and his Microsoft-friendly approach killed MeeGo in infancy, sadly. The same report says that the company’s decision to develop Maemo and MeeGo while also working on Symbian caused some internal conflicts in the company. The original plan was to release a single MeeGo/Maemo phone a year, just like Apple and the whole strategy and approach came from the 80/20 Design Studio in New York. The tablet bit is the most interesting in this story and I imagine it looks something like the Nokia Lumia Expresso concept tablet, pictured above.

Senna leaked back in early 2011, with a glossy black case and a special version of MeeGo for tablets on board. Everyone was excited and couldn’t wait for the device to launch… but sadly it didn’t turn into a real device. Apparently, that “tablet” had a 4.5 inch display and it was merely a prototype focused on landscape orientation. Will Nokia ever get its mojo back? Find out more from the source link, the Finnish piece.