If you want to make prank calls and don’t have a proper script in your mind, maybe you can use the app called Kidding Mo, available for the iPhone and iPad. The software includes various soundboards, that are triggered when you call a friend, according to your needs.

There are various soundboards included, like “Girl Next Door”, “Guy Next Door” and everything will be a mountain of fun with this software. You can customize your own joke scenarios, control the conversation flow, listen to scenarios before you call and even select various other languages. The calls are done via Internet without extra costs and the design of the app is very intuitive.

Just remember that pulling a prank call may generate some enemies for you. FOX Channel TV covered this app and called it hilarious. If you ever had a failed prank call, you must’ve felt the need to do something better. Kidding Mo is that “better thing”, so enjoy using it, especially since it’s free. You can download it from here or by scanning the QR code below.