The usual insiders, quoted by Digitimes claim that Apple is working on the 7 inch iPad Mini, that has been mentioned for a while now. This time we also find out that the slate has a very slim bezel, so maybe Apple is thinking of going with an edge to edge screen here, like we saw in a recent iPad concept.

Take all this info with a grain of salt, as even Digitimes can be wrong sometimes. The latest reports say that Apple wants to launch a slim bezel 7.85 inch iPad Mini, without a Retina Display in order to keep the cost down. The Cupertino is aiming at a price of around $249 to $299 for this small tablet. This decision was made to counter the Kindle Fire, that has been selling very well since its debut last fall. Of course, Apple could be merely testing a smaller format and never intend to launch it on the commercial market.

If the smaller pricing applies, this could be big among schools or in developing markets. The problem here is making the product special and offering something that other 7 inch Android tablets can’t… Is it the camera? Just the design? Maybe the CPU? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see, but honestly speaking I don’t think Apple is ready to tackle other diagonals just yet.