If you’re looking for a sweet new ride, look no further than the Ferrari FF. Priced at over $300,000 and showcased at the Geneva Motor Show 2013, this vehicle stands out through its companion software, Siri EyesFree.


The car is also relying on Apple for its entertainment system, that integrates a bunch of iPad Minis in the seats. The Siri EyesFree feature is activated by a button on the steering wheel and it can access all of Siri’s features while the vehicle is in motion. With EyesFree activated, the screen of the handset won’t light up, so it won’t distract the driver.

Ferrari officially said that the iPad Mini is a standard feature on the FF model and that the iPads will be swathed in Ferrari leather and integrated in a sleek way into the car. We’ve heard rumors about an Apple iCar before Steve Jobs’ demise, but for now I can see that Apple is content with only supplying its technology to car makers.