The folks of TechCrunch have made an incredible find: inside the Facebook iPhone app in the latest version there are some hints and details regarding the official Facebook iPad app. Also, they’ve been using this software for a couple of hours and can now provide the needed feedback and screenshots.

The first impression about the app is a very good one and this appears to be the version that’s going to ship. The software is written with HTML5 and the feeling on the iPad is great. The navigation system gets much praise and it’s even better than the one on the iPhone, that’s considered stale even by its maker.

When using the dedicated Facebook iPad app, you’ll rely on a left side menu that’s accessible via button touch or tablet screen flick. You can flip the tablet horizontally in order to make the list of your online friends appear and allow you to chat with them. The photo viewer section is great, looking just like the iPad’s native photo app.

All of these features are found inside a pretty tiny upgrade to the iPhone app, that reaches version 3.4.4 and only restores the Send button for comments and chat among other minor upgrades. With Mark Zuckerberg himself supposedly involved in the development of this application, we’ll probably see something really good coming.