The latest news concerning Apple’s rumoured tablet is an interesting twist to the purpose of this device. Although some have thought that it would be the perfect tool for graphic designers, or the ideal way to view print publications, the Apple officials are also very keen on developing the video content services they provide, specifically for portable devices.


Recently, RBC’s Mike Abramsky had a meeting with Eddy Cue, VP of iTunes and Internet Services, David Moody (worldwide Mac marketing VP) and CFO Peter Oppenheimer. During this meeting, Apple TV was discussed, but the focus was so much on portability, that the word “tablet” was almost floating in the air.

Turns out that video content is the next big thing, after music services, but it’ll require great products and services, in order to compete with cable box offers and video providers available now. Apple TV is set to evolve and maybe we’ll see the tablet giving it the needed push to total success.

[via macdailynews]