Since tablets are becoming more and more affordable and easy to find, it was expected that they would become a popular purchase of the general public. The latest stats regarding slate ownership shows that ownership of tables has increased to 34% in 2013 among US adults over the age of 16.


If you add eReaders to the stats, the ownership number goes to 43%. This is a jump of 10% compared to the numbers from last year. Both figures are great for Amazon and Samsung, who are doing very well, but they’re obviously behind Apple, who is preparing at least two new tablets for the following months.

The same stats from Pew Internet show that the number of people who use ereaders has grown to 24%, with the bulk of them being Kindles and Nooks. The figures come from a survey conducted between July and September on 6.000 Americans age 16 or older. I would like to see how well the likes of Lenovo and ASUS are doing, since they’ve been pushing a lot of quality tablets in the market lately…