This is possibly the funniest iPad clone we’ve seen, a device dubbed the ePad, that was recently reviewed by Jon Rettinger. He didn’t hesitate to make fun of the slate, specially because it’s got a huge amount of fail going on. Ranging from the microphone that’s not working, to the speakers that are also malfunctioning, this unit is pretty much a paper weight.

Even the box of the unit fails, since it shows a tablet unit with depleting battery, it includes the Internet Explorer symbol in the ePad logo and even Windows elements on the box, in spite of this being an Android device. The startup time is huge and there’s not even a logo on the back of the tablet.

Even the Android logo at the start is not the original one… Well, could it be that the software is a copy of the Google OS? You’ll learn that from the video below. Enjoy… and laugh!