The children tablet segment is growing, so today we learn that EE is launching the Robin slate, a device meant for the little ones, but also with tweaks for their parents. The parents can set up filters for the content and browsing that the kids do.


EE Robin is built around the idea of kid usage with parental controls that can limit the Internet access. It allows parents to monitor the child’s behaviour online and the device comes with a protective bumper that reduces the risk of breakage when dropped. A recent UK study showed that almost a third of children under five have their own device.

Robin will come with entertainment content intended for kids, including the Hopster TV application, that offers shows and games for the little guys with ages 2 to 6. EE provides here over 40 games and apps preloaded and the product goes on sale from October 23rd with monthly subscriptions for web access and pay as you go options. Security system Kurio runs on top of Android and filters inappropriate content.