While Japan manages to have more electric car charging stations than gas stations, it’s a figure related to tablets that amazes us in Europe: the Netherlands have more tablets than desktops. This was to be expected, seeing how over the past years we’ve been living in the post PC age.


Last year there were more Dutch households with a tablet in the house, than a desktop PC. The evolution has been slow but clear, as in 2013 one in three households had a tablet, which went up to 58% in 2015. Many people replaced the PC with a tablet, but in the meantime the smartphone and laptop remain strong, with 73% and 72% presence in households respectively.

Back in 2012 41% of the 45 to 65 year olds went online via their mobile handsets, while in recent years, the number went up to 71%. Seniors also got online more often, with a 20% bump over the last 3 years. Outdoor usage of devices has also increased, but that has to do more with phones than slates. It’s interesting for us to see these figures now, when the tablet market isn’t doing so well, but the glory achieved now is the merit of the past slate sales.