In spite of the not so enthusiastic public reaction to Windows RT, Dell will still stay on board with this initiative. The company will also developer a future generation of the XPS 10 tablet, that you can see below.

XPS 10 Tablet Computer

Neil Hand, who is a VP at Dell did not give any dates or specs, but he did say that the next XPS 10 will be faster and lighter. Sadly, the XPS 10 may be a good device, but people are hesitant when it comes to the OS. Even Mr. Hand claims that  Windows RT has had a slower reception than Dell was hoping, but he thinks that the platform has a change to succeed alter on.

With HP focused on Android for now, with a $169 tablet, Dell will have to decide if they want to keep making Windows RT and Windows 8 devices or go to Android and drop the price a bit. Well, at least Dell is on board, while partners like Acer and Samsung seem to be fleeing from the side of Microsoft and only Nokia looks like a company that can deliver a hit tablet.