Dell Latitude 10 was originally launched in October 2012, then the Essentials configuration was shown at CES 2013, as Dell wanted to get into schools and businesses. Now Dell goes ahead and unveils a new version of the slate, one for law enforcement, banks and other such institutions: Dell Latitude 10 Enhanced Security.


The tablet is said to be 94% cheaper and 17 faster than the iPad, at least when it comes to launching an enterprise-wide implementation for the company’s employees. Over 50% of enterprises report that they had to invest in software surpassing the cost of the tablet, but the Latitude 10 solves that problem.

The Enhanced Security version can easily enter an IT environment in a bank of company without problems. It runs Windows 8 and comes with Dell Data Protection/Access, a management suite for biometric security hardware and third party software. Trust Platform Module is also available for device integrity checks, while BitLocker is available for encrypted partitions. The slate will set your company back $779.