Last I heard, the ARM chip makers were dividing the tablet makers among themselves and I’m talking about Windows RT tablet makers here. That bunch was supposed to include HP originally, but the company backed down recently, so now there’s a gap. That gap is now rumored to be filled by Dell and while this was a rumor, the folks of Business Insider went ahead and contacted Dell, who actually confirmed the information.

They confirmed they’re definitely making a Windows 8 tablet, but didn’t focus on architecture or specs. Well, the Win RT tablet is a Windows 8 tablet after all, right? In case you’re not familiar with the distinction, know that Win 8 tablets will run a classic Windows environment, while the Windows RT models will only rely on the touch-based Metro UI. While Dell is playing to Microsoft’s fresh tune, they’re also working with rivals and they’ve just released a bunch of high end ultrabooks that can run Linux.

The Dell PR is claiming that Linux PCs were in the making even before Windows announced the Surface PC. I can only imagine why HP and other makers aren’t that excited about Windows RT tablets. For one thing they’re competing with Microsoft itself, that makes the Win RT Surface and also they’re competing with Windows 8 models, so it’s going to be hard to sell many units.