The Seton Hall University in New Jersey has some extra incentive for freshmen students: free Windows 8 tablets and Lumia 900 phones. The University promised free gadgets to the science and honors degree juniors, but only when Windows 8 arrives. They’ll hand out Samsung Series 7 Slates to students, while those who study other disciplines will have to be happy with a Series 5 ultrabook.

On the official site of the University you’ll find out that students from the class of 2016 enrolled in science or honors programs will receive the Samsung tablet, with Windows 8. Freshmen will also get a Nokia Lumia 900 with Windows Phone on board, courtesy of a partnership with AT&T, Nokia and Microsoft, together with Seton Hall. Free voice, text and data plans will also be available for the same students, giving them access to all the needed resources.

Considering the high cost of education in USA, some freebies are always welcome, especially when they’re tools for learning. Universities can have custom drawstring bags with their logos made to giveaway to their students as a welcome gift. Last I heard, the iPad was big in Universities and schools. Now Microsoft picked up on that and started offering special devices to students.