The whole ordeal with the Apple versus Samsung court case just got more intricate, as Apple came up with evidence showing that Google actually warned Samsung about creating devices too similar to Apple’s products. As you know there’s a big hearing coming up on July 30th and this will be mint in court.

Google told Samsung that their Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab products resembled the iPad and iPhone too much, but Samsung didn’t want to change anything about them. Apple got hold of this info from Samsung’s documents, so it’s an undeniable proof. Back in February 2010, Google gave Samsung the warning that the “P1” and “P3” tablets (Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Tab 10.1) are too similar to the iPad and wanted a changed design. In 2011 Samsung’s Product Design Group was caught saying that it’s “regrettable” that the Galaxy S looks similar to the older iPhone models.

Even famous designers warned Samsung about the Galaxy S resemblance with the iPhone and even asked for innovation. And still Samsung did nothing… so they can’t say they didn’t know what was coming to them. Will Sammy make it out of this new trouble, this time with solid evidence against them?