Microsoft was bragging about getting 40 million Windows 8 downloads since it was launched a month ago, but when you look at hard and solid numbers, the sales of devices with this OS preinstalled are non existent, almost. The figures that came from NPD this week show that the entire PC industry is slowing down, as the tablet speeds up.

US sales of Windows devices in the past month have dropped 21% if you compare them to the similar time frame from a year ago. Windows-powered notebooks are also included and it appears that desktops dropped 9% from last year too. NPD’s Stephen Bake is saying that Windows 8 tablet sales have been “almost non existent”. The units sold are even less than 1% of all Windows 8 device sales to date, which is just sad. The problem with the stats is that NPD’s numbers don’t include sales of the Surface tablet.

NPD doesn’t rush and call the Win 8 devices failures, but instead they mention the entire market as being slow in this year end period. Apparently, people are still buying devices with Windows 7 and there was a lot of inventory left over from the failure called Back to School. Will the Surface pull Win 8 out of the dump when the figures come in?