It appears that what ASUS started one year ago with the detachable keyboard dock of the Transformer tablet became a full blown trend this year. At Computex 2012 alone I must’ve seen at least half a dozen of new devices adopting this format, all of them with Windows 8 on board. Joining this trend is also Samsung, that showed off its new Series 5 hybrid PC, a Windows 8 transforming tablet, only in concept phase right now.

The Samsung Series 5 Hybrid PC uses a stylus slot and has a back and front camera. The specs are being kept secret right now and as far as insiders go, Samsung and Microsoft will make an official release when Windows 8 also debuts closer to the year end. Samsung promised to support Windows 8 by launching laptops, tablets, desktops and hybrid PCs, so they’re all in with this initiative, but don’t worry Android lovers, since they’re also committed in that area.

The features that we know so far include a magnetic hinged keyboard for the Series 5 hybrid, plus a thin and light package, at 9mm and 747 grams. It will provide up to 10 hours of battery life and offer an innovative writing experience through S-Pen and S-Memo. At the back there will be an 8 megapixel camera and at the front a 2MP one. Rumors say that this model could come with an Intel Clover Trail CPU, 1080p display and SIM slot, but we’re not sure yet.