HannSpree is a brand we usually associated with cheap gizmos, but this time they brought their best to Berlin, participating in the IFA 2011 conference. Among the devices shown there was the HansPad SN10T4 slate with Honeycomb, that you can watch in action below.

The only difference between this Honeycomb models and others is the TI OMAP 4430 processor, that replaces the usual Tegra 2 CPU present on most slates nowadays. The HansPad processor is the same one you’ll find on the BlackBerry PlayBook, in the dual core and 1 GHz flavor. As far as the design goes, the HannSpree tablet adopts the glossy plastic finish and it’s quite a bulky slate.

Port-wise, you get a microSD card reader, microUSB and HDMI out. The folks who tested this tablet found it to be very laggy and overall failing to impress users. Priced at around 300 to 400 euros, this model supports a 1280 x 800 pixel resolution and brings forth a 5MP camera at the back, plus a 2MP one upfront. LTE options will also be available, but with the lag problem, this model is not that appealing…

Here’s the IFA 2011 hands on: