In case you didn’t know, after MWC 2012 another tech show started, this time in Germany. It’s called CeBit and this year it seems to include quite a few cheap Asian tablets. One of them is the YiTao, a 9.7 inch Android unit with a keyboard case, that’s actually very, very nice and overall a pleasant surprise.

The slate runs Android 4.0.3 on top of a Rockchip CPU and costs a mere $150, that’s very impressive for such a device. This model reminds me a bit of the ASUS Eee Pad Slider when placed in the keyboard dock and know that it was showcased at CeBIT 2012 and the guys and girls of stumbled upon it there. The resolution of the 9.7 inch IPS screen here is 1024 x 768 pixels, just like on the iPad 2. The Rockchip processor on board is a 1GHZ Cortex A9 unit, that’s apparently able to play 1080p H.264 HD videos.

There’s also a mini HDMI port on board and the browsing in the menus seems very fluid, so Android 4.0 runs just fine. YiTao’s keyboard seems comfortable and even with the keyboard attached and lid closed, the device doesn’t seem to be that bulky. We have a ton of ports on one side of the tablet, including a mini USB or more. For $150, this is a pure value device and I really can’t seem to find any visible flaw to it… Last thing to mention is the front 2MP cam and back 2MP camera.