Samsung Unveils E6 and E101 Ebook Readers, Complete With WiFi and Bluetooth

Samsung has just announced a couple of new Ebook readers, the E6 and the E101 models, sporting WiFi b/g and Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity. Samsung E6 comes with a 6 inch E-ink...

Samsung Already Selling a Tablet! Q1 Ultra 7 Inch Model, Going for £359

Just a couple of hours ago we were talking about the possibility of Samsung joining the tablet-making crowd of companies, but now it turns out that they are already selling such...

Samsung Readying Tablets With Multitouch and 3D Interfaces

While Asus is readying an Eee pad, Microsoft showed us that neat Courier, Crunchpad got turned into JooJoo and Apple's Tablet is as mysterious as ever, Samsung also joins the gang...

Samsung Showcases a 10.1 inch Color E-paper

As FDP 2009 goes on, Samsung showcases more and more products and among them we've spotted a color e-paper with a 10.1 inch diagonal. This component will be incorporated into future...

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