In spite of the recent leak of a Nokia 6 inch phablet facade, the one that you see below and the BlackBerry A10 5 inch device leak, it appears that these companies won’t launch big screen devices this year.


Sources say that until the end of 2013 we won’t see a 5+ inch device from either Nokia or BlackBerry. Apple is also unlikely to give us a big screen model this year and even next year, if you ask me. Names like HTC (with the Butterfly S) and Motorola have all entered the 5 inch area recently, while companies like Samsung have exaggerated a bit with 5.8 inch and 6.3 inch phones.

LG, Sony, ZTE, Huawei and Oppo all have big diagonal units and they’re doing just fine. We don’t even know if BlackBerry will exist in a standalone form at the year end and this can also be said about Nokia, since both companies have suitors that follow them. There are many of us dreaming about a HTC, BlackBerry and Nokia phablet, but competing with the likes of Galaxy Note III is very, very hard.