Barnes & Noble’s NOOK devices have become widespread popular because of the features they offer. The most important aspect of these devices is the very good price, topped with good build quality and excellent ergonomics. The manufacturer has dropped the prices for these devices once more not more than two month ago.

The second price drop for the NOOK Tablet and NOOK Color will make the devices even more competitive on the market. The changing of the prices comes in expectation of the new gen Nook HD that will be announced and available soon. In the meantime the new price for the NOOK Tablet is going to be $159. The NOOK Color is also going down on its price and can now be purchased for only $139.

Previously the devices were priced at $199 and $149 for the NOOK Tablet and Color. The new prices are significantly lower and you can visit Barnes & Noble retail locations in the U.S. or to purchase either of them. More news about Barnes & Noble’s new device will be available in the coming days.