ASUS is preparing to add a new sub series to the ZenPad lineup, the ZenPad M, that’s intended for professionals. The new models have Intel Atom CPUs, LTE or WiFi connectivity and they’re detailed below, while being prepared for a MWC 2016 debut.


ASUS has organized its slates like this: premium ones within the ZenPad S series and lower end units within the ZenPad C. ZenPad M is detailed through a video posted only, being targeted at education, logistics, health and professionals. There will be two form factors here: 7 inch and 10 inch and the ZenPad M 7 has a format virtually identical to the ZenPad 7, while the ZenPad M 10 shows some differences from the ZenPad M 10.


There are two notches on the bottom edge, that show the affinity for cover type accessories. The “clutch” look is also adopted here and ASUS has included here the ADAM system (Device for Mobile Admin), a set of APIs that let you have a more complete control over the device. This helps devs create a kiosk mode for example, for showcasing apps and services.

Remote administration is also discussed and the ASUS has created an official page for the ZenPad M, but it’s not yet filled with specs. We’ll keep you posted.