The guys of Land of Android have snapped a few pics of a new accessory, the GPS dongle for the ASUS Transformer Prime, that you can see in the photos below. It appears that the latest firmware update also brought support for this product to the Tegra 3 slate… and here’s the dongle:

The purpose of the dongle is to improve the GPS reception on the TF201 model, that everyone criticized for its signal problems. Some people even said that the Prime was a failed product because of this, but I tend to believe they’re exaggerating, since my test unit didn’t have these problems and many of the reviews online didn’t point it out. So, to silence everyone, ASUS put out this GPS dongle, that’s available for all Prime owners for free. The device is officially out now on the market and free to attach to your slate.

It’s a bit bigger than I expected and it attaches to the proprietary connector of the tablet on the lower side. This means that you won’t be able to also attach the keyboard at the same time. Notice that the back of the dongle matches the color of the Prime and looks like the keyboard dock latch. People who tested it found massive improvements in GPS, just like ASUS promised. Of course, this is an engineering sample, so expect the final product to also sport the ASUS branding on it.