Small and medium businesses all over China have entered the development and production of tablet PCs, seizing the moment of their increase presence on the market. These white box tablet PC makers have reached combined shipments of 3 million units a month recently, a respectable figure and one more dent put in the iPad’s market share.

The total shipments of tablet PCs by all makers are expected to surpass 50 million units this year, according to market research firm eMedia Asia. Either as OEM, ODM or OBM, companies are making tablets and some of them are truly incredible. We see Android 4.0 slates coming from China with $100 – $200 prices and looking really appealing, since the specs aren’t half bad. White box makers have launched 7 inch, 8 inch models, but also 9.7 inch and 10 inch models with specs integrated according to the public’s demand.

The models target markets in the Middle East, Latin America and Southeast Asia. These companies are able to deliver a 10.1 inch model on Android 4.0, packing a 1024 x 600 pixel 10.1 inch display, 4GB of storage, at a price of around $100 – $110, according to insiders. That’s a huge threat for big companies that want to stay in the game and still make a decent profit…

  • DeianStancu

    Yes, but they are fragmenting the System. More tablets, more hardware makers, more CPU’s => more problems, less compatibility. This is tablet flood, not good.