Aside from the rumored Nexus tablet that ASUS is supposed to be producing, they also have the very interesting Transformer Prime TF700T, the highest end model in their lineup, plus the Pad 300 unit, with an interesting price tag of $379. That’s actually the starting price and in case you’re wondering what the deal with this device is, it has virtually all the hardware of the Transformer Prime.

However, there’s a slightly downgraded screen and thicker frame in the mix. You also get a starting version of 16GB in storage and you’ll pay $20 more for 32GB of internal memory. Internationally, the 32GB Transformer Pad 300 was also spotted on the French Tablette Store with a price tag of $499. The keyboard dock is also involved here, in case you’re wondering and should cost an extra $149. So, do you intend to buy a lower end Transformer Prime or have enough money saved for the 1920 x 1200 TF700T from ASUS?

Also, have you lost faith in the company when you heard about their GPS issues with the Prime that made them offer a GPS dongle to its owners? Or maybe you’ve gained back some faith in ASUS when you found out that they’ll be making the Nexus Tablet…

  • Ilivefortheone

    more questions than answers.
    will this replace the tf101?
    does the gps work now that the back is plastic?
    will they make enough of them that stores will have stock (like the tf101)?
    will they ever (Asus) get the bugs out of ICS?
    questions written with my tf101, that I bought after my 2 day old prime broke back in Dec.