ASUS is one of the big names at CES 2014, mostly because they have a lot of things to showcase. Among them we find the brand new Transformer Book Duet, codenamed TD 300 and shown in the video that we intended to embed below. However in the meantime it was removed and all we’ve got left is this image:


This is a dual OS Windows/Android device, one that was already teased by ASUS a while ago. It can switch from Windows to Android in a mere 8 seconds and you can use this device as a laptop or tablet, as you please. This is considered to be a 4 in one device, since it’s a Windows laptop and a Windows tablet, but also an Android laptop and a tablet.

ASUS has a press conference today, so I’m sure in mere hours we’ll have the official intel on this product to bring to you. In the meantime I have to say that this model looks slightly bigger than 10 inches, or maybe the hands of the person shown here are too small…