ASUS announced the PadFone tablet+phone combo in Taiwan and said that it was supposed to go on preorder on April 4th and on sale on April 20th. That was applied to Taiwan, Germany, Singapore and Hong Kong, but sadly it appears that the PadFone will actually be delayed until Mid-May.

It appears that the device will actually launch on May 11th, according to insiders. There’s no explanation for this, but speculations say it may be due to the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 production problems and this is a chip vital to this product and more recent devices that have become quite famous. Has Qualcomm been favouring HTC instead of the guys of ASUS? That would be a very strange move that would upset ASUS and maybe make it select another chipset maker in the future.

It’s extremely strange to hear that no HTC Snapdragon S4-based devices have been delayed but the PadFone has… is it just me or is this matter fishy? Qualcomm announced during its last earnings call last week that it was struggling to meet demand for the Snapdragon S4 chips, having previously underestimated the demand for them.