If you want to put two Honeycomb tablets to the test, you probably will have a hard time finding two products as similar as the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer and the Toshiba Thrive. They’re similar in specs, albeit the Transformer brings that little extra of an accessory called keyboard dock.

Both feature 10.1 inch displays with capacitive IPS technology and 1280 x 800 pixel resolutions. Also, both slates come with front cameras, but the Toshiba unit has the upper hand, with a 2MP resolution, opposed to the Transformer’s 1.2 megapixel resolution.  They go for the draw again, as both possess a 5 megapixel camera without flash, but with autofocus and geotagging.

ASUS Eee Pad Transformer is capable of 720p HD video capture, unlike the Thrive, that’s only content with standard definition capture. Another win is recorded by the ASUS product in the storage section, where it’s available in 16GB and 32GB versions, while the Thrive only comes with 16GB of internal memory.

For those looking for increased portability, the Transformer is thinner and lighter, at 13mm in thickness and 680 grams in weight, compared to the Transformer with 771 grams as weight and 15mm in waistline. Other common features of these rivals are the presence of 1GB of RAM, WiFi only connectivity and Adobe Flash support.

A big appeal of the Toshiba slate is its removable battery. More differences can be spotted in the comparison video below: