Asus has just announced the debut of a new eReader, the Asus Eee Reader DR900, a 9 inch device shown back in March at CeBIT 2010. Expect the product to reach the shops as soon as possible, at least in the US. No info on pricing or launch details just yet.

The appeal of this unit is its large screen, 2.25 larger than the other 6 inch eReaders you can find on the market these days. Details regarding the screen go even further, with the display relying on SiPix electrophotoretic technology, which means you’ll benefit from instant page turns. Also, the screen only uses up battery power when changing the image and it also incorporates a capacitive touch layer.

So, you won’t need a physical keyboard anymore, which is excellent news. Outdoor readability is at its best and the device measures less than 10mm in thickness, while weighing about 440 grams. Asus eReader DR900 features 2GB of internal memory, enough for 5000 ebooks, plus extra SD storage, if you need it.

The battery on board provides two weeks of non-stop reading or 20 novels read consecutively. WiFi and optional 3G make the bundle even more appealing.