Taiji Electronics is a name we must keep our eyes on, since they seem to be keen on innovation. If we remember well, they showcased a tablet with a Bluetooth keyboard earlier in the year, followed by some pretty interesting slates we’ve seen recently, one with a dual touchscreen and the other Taiji T10A, both based on VIA CPUs.

The T10A model brings forth the following specs:

  • Display: 10.1 inch touchscreen
  • CPU: VIA C7-M, 1.2GHz, VX700 graphics
  • Memory: 32GB SSD
  • Camera: front facing webcam
  • OS: Windows 7

As far as the clamshell model is concerned, its hardware is still mysterious, unless you count the dual 8 inch touch displays and the unnamed VIA CPU. Libretto W100 rival? It sure is!