ASUS has just started shipping its huge e-reader, the DR-900, shown in the image below and detailed in the video at the end of the article. We don’t yet know in what corners of the world this unit is available, but what’s for sure is that it’ll reach the mass of consumers in Q1 2011, with a $426 price tag.

We’re dealing with a large e-reader with a 9 inch e-ink 9 screen, supporting a 1024 x 768 pixel resolution. It weighs 600 grams, measures 10mm in thickness and supports touch input, plus it provides the user with shortcut buttons, for improved experience. 2 or 4GB of internal storage will be available, expanded via microSD slot.

The e-reader’s specs list includes a micro-USB slot and the device’s battery is estimated at 10,000 pages, without using the main features of the gadget, like media playing or wireless.

  • Anonymous

    Why does ASUS make such ugly devices?

    This looks cheap and primitive next to the Kindle DX Graphite, although I like the touch screen (I’d be curious how it affects readability, though).

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