ASUS and Dell are keen on reminding everyone what they’re all about and just “swore allegiance” to Android, if you want to put it more poetically. Actually, what they did is express their commitment to the Android tablet business, denying the reports saying that ASUS, Dell and Acer are looking to retreat.

Digitimes started these rumors, citing suppliers of components in its report and referring to the 3 companies mentioned above. ASUS spokesman Gary Key even attacked Digitimes, saying that “as usual their rumors and reports are incorrect”.  A Dell spokesman also denied such intentions. It’s true that these slate makers have failed to produce real rivals for the iPad, but there’s a long way to go before giving up and that’s certainly NOT Asian mentality.

Also, the ASUS Transformer Prime is a very promising device, so why retreat when you have a fresh product to sell? If anyone should retire from tablets, that should be HP, Motorola and RIM, since they’ve failed miserably to compete with the iPad. Even Amazon did a better job than they did… Well, let’s see if Android 4.0 can change the game in the Android slate makers’ favor.