ARM chips are going up in the food chain, as they are prepared to power PC-like devices in the future. We know that because ARM just published a roadmap and Samsung and Apple are getting the lion’s share of their technology for 2014.


This move that ARM pulled makes sense now, because Intel’s annual conference is coming and they want to pre-empt any cool launches, such as the ones of Bay Trail T models. ARM has an upcoming Cortex A53 chip and the A57, which will support for the first time 64 bit computing. Intel has been doing that for a while on PCs, but not on mobile. This new ARM product will allow tablets to switch from information consumption to information creation.

ARM also wants more battery life from smartphones and tablets, but they’re also thinking about server-type designs based on the Cortex A53 and A57 setups, according to executives. The good thing for ARM in their battle with Intel is that they already have connections in the world of Android, while Intel is barely now starting to a name for itself. Of course, there’s the occasional failure, such as the Intel-based Galaxy Tab 3 models…