Apple has been said to be testing 6 inch iPhones and what you see below could be the very first such devices. We knew they were exploring formats between 4.8 inches and 5.8 inches, but to go as high as 6 inches doesn’t sound like Apple.


The pictures included in this article are supposed to show us the way that 6 inch Apple devices would look like. Back in the days, Apple used to say that 3.5 inch screens were ideal for handsets, while 9.7 inches were perfect for tablets. Well, not anymore… Now 7.9 inches work for tablets and up to 6 inches are good for smartphones.

Jumping to the phablet segment is inevitable for Apple, since Samsung and the likes of HTC and Nokia are getting more and more cozy with this segment. Nokia was also a company that avoided big diagonals and even they are expected to launch a big screen phone this month. The tipster who leaked the Apple devices said that there could be a 4.8 inch and 6 iPhone in the future, with the larger model supporting a 1779 x 640 pixel resolution.