Archos launched a very unusual tablet today, the Archos Play Tab, which is meant for board games. The device is a 21.5 incher with a Full HD resolution and it’s meant to bring the whole family around it.

It’s got the size of a solid computer monitor and packs midrange specs. That includes an octa core CPU, a 5000 mAh battery and 32 GB of storage. There’s also 3 GB of RAM and Android 9.0 Pie. Not very sure how well the battery can take long sessions of gameplay. The product is tailor made for board games like Monopoly, Pandemic, Scrabble, Uno and Catan.

This unit arrives as the global market of board games is predicted to pass $12 billion by 2023. The slate has a display covered with a 6 mm thick glass, thermally treated to withstand shocks and splashes. Aside from board games, we are promised 3D games and AR and AI functionality. The little ones will be able to read interactive stories and enjoy complex animations. Expect a custom UI on top of Android Pie and the likes of Carcasonne, The Room and Ticket to Ride highlighted by it.

The price is around $280 and the Play Tab will be part of a Back to School 2019 program.