Archos has recently demoed its 7 inch Android internet tablet in front of the camera, with the result being the video at the end of the article. This clip shows a pretty decent device, based on a 600 MHz ARM9 processor and supporting reasonable browsing speeds, 720p HD playback and providing 7 hours of usage thanks to its battery.

This is the Archos 7 Home Tablet we’re talking about and if you’re looking for flaws, the overall performance of the tablet doesn’t compare to the one on the Archos 5 Internet tablet. However, the onboard speakers are pretty good, while the resistive touch display is precise enough for the speediest of fingers trying to handle text entry.

Archos 7 Home Tablet is expected to hit the US with a $179 price tag, in the 2GB version, but don’t fret, as there’s a microSD card slot on board for extra storage. Video output is also supported via composite connection, directly to the TV, as well as USB Host through an adapter.

[via SlashGear]