French company Archos has been unveiling quite a bunch of tablets recently, including the Arnova A9G3 slate model, that just reached the FCC. This model is supposed to be a 9.7 inch unit with WiFi b/g/n on board and most likely Android 4.0 ICS as well.

The device is under confidential lock till early May, when the embargo is lifted and sadly we have no specs for it. Engadget is claiming that we should expect a dual speaker setup at the back and this could be a low end entry into the Android 4.0 segment with a price tag of around $199. Other than that we have no info and if you want other news on Archos, know that recently one of their Gen8 slates was seen running a ported version of Ubuntu 11.10.

Back to the Android world, the Archos 80 and 101 G9 models starting shipping with Android 4.0 preinstalled one week ago, so we have all the reason to expect even more ICS models coming soon. Slowly but surely Archos is establishing itself as one of the major players of the midrange tablet segment and considering their latest prices, they could be here to stay.