We’ve been hearing a lot about an iPad Pro lately, a 13 inch Apple tablet with some new version of iOS, or maybe even OS X on board. Now it appears that at least the theory of a hybrid OS has been dropped…


Apple’s Phil Schiller doesn’t seem fond of a merger between iOS and OS X, although over the past years it looked like things were headed in that direction. The latest changes brought to both platforms seemed to push them in that direction. This also aligns to what happened with the other modern platforms, with Android unifying the experiences after Honeycomb and Windows Phone and Windows 8 heading towards a merger as well.

Phil Schiller considers that in Apple’s case a merger would be a waste of energy. He spoke with MacWorld and was quoted saying that they don’t waste time thinking about a singular interface and mergers. Apple’s software head, Craig Federighi agreed and said that the reason OS X has a different interface compared to iOS is because of the mouse and keyboard combo can’t be compared to tapping a screen.

Would you agree with this merger and with a hybrid OS on a big iPad?