Guess they got a better price after the recent scandal… Could Apple have been making all this fuss about the “copied” Galaxy Tabs only to get a better price out of Samsung for iPad components? That would be low, but it’s a theory… or maybe they want to trade patent licenses for hardware. Especially considering that recently manufactured iPad 2 slates seem to incorporate a Samsung technology (display drivers).

Till now, Apple worked with LG on this section of the tablet, but now it’s all Samsung. Recently we’ve heard rumors about Apple not resorting to Samsung anymore, because of their problems in court and still, here we are with these devices. The finding belongs to Chipworks, quoted by iFixIt, that reports the new iPad 2s use Samsung display drivers, while March 2011 units relied on an LG display driver, the same as the one on the original iPad.

iFixIt is speculating that this switch might be a sign that Apple is readying for a new generation of tablets, maybe ones with a new LG technology, leaving Samsung to handle the older units? How about using a big NOVA display from LG on slates?