Apple may rule the tablet market by much right now, but they may not be here to stay… Analyst Jack Gold of J. Gold Associates made a prediction that says Apple will lose control over the tablet market by 2014. The obvious candidate to take over is Android, but Windows 8 might also make a big splash.

Android has on its side the big number of device makers that are allied with Google and make a variety of form factors of slates. Gold is however convinced that the iPad will still hold a large market share in the enterprise segment, where the public is not yet ready to trust Android. The same expert predicts that Microsoft will reach close to 10% of the consumer tablet market in the next 3 years.

Of course, Windows 8 will be the one to thank for this achievement, obviously. There’s also the choice between tablet Win 8 and desktop Win 8, that will play a major role in getting people accustomed to an experience on desktops and continuing to play with the same UI on the go. I guess that the next iPad will let us know how much Apple is willing to change from the iPad 2 and if they’re ready to battle the upcoming quad core Android 4.0 slates.